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Why Does the BWA Matter in Today's World?

An article I wrote titled "Four reasons the Baptist World Alliance matters" was recently published by the Baptist Standard. I love remembering my personal journey through the years that led me to where I am spiritually and professionally today, leading Buckner International as president and CEO and serving as vice president of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). My whole life is a testament to the importance of family. From very early when my grandmother was invited to a Baptist church service and the impact that would later have on me directly, to the other Baptist organizations Buckner collaborates with in Texas, the United States, and globally to serve children, families, and seniors -- the BWA and its global reach, impact for the Kingdom, and the ability to bring people together from around the world is a great reason why this organization matters.

BWA connects people of faith globally for greater mission impact

While we live in a diverse world and distance can geographically separate us, the BWA helps connect followers of Jesus aligned with similar missions. Serving children in need, strengthening families, and sharing the gospel with those who may have not heard it before, there are many reasons why today's world needs an organization like BWA. Read my full article to learn my other reasons why this global Baptist organization matters today more than ever.

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