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Engaging Passion, Vision, and Personal Mission to build an Awesome Nonprofit Executive Team

Aligning passion, vision, and personal mission can be an incredible force for shaping an awesome nonprofit executive team. I summarized this idea in a Forbes Nonprofit Council article published this week.


Every leader is driven by a sense of passion for what matters most in their life. What if that passion could, in some way, be connected to one’s vocation? What if a leader’s passion and vocation intersect? When this combination exists in the life of a nonprofit leader, the need for motivation and persuasion diminishes. What is needed at this intersection is resourcing, support, and opportunity for leaders to live out that passion in the work they do every day.

Beyond living one’s passion, nonprofit leaders pursue direction and vision. They want to know where the organization is headed. They want to know how what they do each day is making a transformational difference in the lives of those they serve. Nonprofit organizations with a sharp vision of a preferable future tend to attract leaders who are interested in making a difference through their work. Life is too short to only work for a paycheck and good benefits. Leaders in nonprofit desire to make a difference in a cause larger than life itself. What is the difference for your nonprofit? At Buckner International, it is protecting children, strengthening families, transforming generations, and serving seniors. We want to set the standard of excellence in our mission.


The big question is how can passion, vision, and personal mission be connected in the workplace? The best nonprofit leaders I know have a personal sense of mission. They may not have it written on paper but always have it written on their hearts and minds. These leaders are on a personal mission to change the world for the better.

Senior leaders or team leaders in nonprofit organizations who find a way to connect passion, vision, and personal mission in the workplace build winning teams who change the world together.

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