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Strategic Alliances for Greater Kingdom Impact

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Strategic Alliances for Greater Kingdom Impact

Kimberlee Leonard cites Barnes & Noble and Starbucks; Hewlett Packard and Disney; and Apple Pay and Mastercard as some of the best examples of strategic alliances. Strategic alliances that advance the mission of two organizations makes incredible Kingdom sense. Last year, I began seeking organizations that shared our mission, vision and values, including shared history and a focus on Christ-centered service and servant leadership.

The first organization I connected to Buckner was Campbellsville University (CU), an outstanding university south of Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Twyla Hernandez, professor of missions at CU invited me to speak during missions week a few years ago, resulting in two more visits to speak in chapel, to lecture in classes and visit with students. During my third visit, CU President Dr. Michael Carter and I signed a Memo of Understanding to form an alliance for student learning experiences, student volunteers and mission trip participants. In addition, I challenged them to conduct a campuswide shoe drive for vulnerable children.

They have completed their second shoe drive and are conducting a second mission trip to Mexico this year. We are also in the process of placing their first intern at Buckner and are exploring online graduate educational programs at CU for Buckner leaders. Last year, I drove to Albany, Kentucky, where our founder, Dr. R. C. Buckner, served as pastor of First Baptist Church, to search the origins of our history. I had an excellent visit with Senior Pastor Jeff Brown, David Cross and the congregation and am making plans to return this year.

Early this year, I signed an Memo of Understanding with Mickey Lenamon, CEO of Texas Baptist Men, an organization that responds to disaster situations with relief support, meals, mud-outs, water wells, debris removal and construction projects around the globe. I realized we needed their services at Buckner locations in Texas, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Kenya, where these projects could bring maximum impact to vulnerable children, families and communities in need and TBM was looking for places to serve. During the tornado that hit North Texas, we asked Mickey’s team to provide meals for public school students in the Bachman Lake area since several schools were closed due to the storm. Mickey and his team jumped in without hesitation.

On Feb. 12, 2020, I signed an Memo of Understanding with Dr. Cory Hines, President of Howard Payne University (HPU), to engage HPU students. We are elated with this new agreement. Buckner needs HPU graduates who may qualify for roles at Buckner Family Pathways, Buckner Family Hope Centers and in foster care and adoption in Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland and beyond. We need HPU students as volunteers, mission trip participants, shoe drive leaders and interns. An education at HPU and CU affords a cross-cultural and international experience in service that complements a university education.

Buckner and CU; Buckner and HPU; Buckner and TBM … These alliances mean your investment through Buckner to serve vulnerable children and families carries added value. We know we can do more together than we can alone. Hope Shines Here!

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