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Hope Now

Peace, Healing and Justice
When the Kingdom Comes Near
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About Dr. Reyes

Dr. Albert L. Reyes is the sixth president and CEO of Buckner International, a faith-based, global nonprofit organization founded in 1879 in Dallas, Texas. Buckner International focuses on helping vulnerable children, families and seniors. Dr. Reyes is a former pastor and delivers sermons and keynote speeches at conferences and special events. With two doctoral degrees, Dr. Reyes is a lifelong learner and leadership development proponent. He is the author of two books:  "Jesus Agenda," and his latest, "Hope Now." Both books are available in English and Spanish.


Dr. Reyes is a board member at the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) and a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council. Albert and his wife Belinda live in Dallas and have three sons.

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Book Reviews

Dr. Albert Reyes tackles the importance of hope while explaining the redemptive work required for those working in God's Kingdom. "Hope Now" is not about ministry or religion, but about God's Kingdom and the hope that provides peace and justice in this world. His compassion bleeds through the pages of this book as he tells his story that led him to become a leader of hope in this desperate and broken world.

Raymond H. Harris

Author of "Business by Design" and

"The Heart of Business"

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May 28, 2021

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July 11, 2021

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