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Leading a Nonprofit in a Strategic Financial Direction During Uncertain Times

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

There are so many areas of business that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic of 2020. When businesses are affected, people are affected. It's been interesting to see what is happening in the for-profit sector. So many small businesses and the livelihood of many Americans uprooted and left with minimal other options until this pandemic slows down. Buckner International serves children and families already struggling with poverty and other life adversities, and the pandemic has only added to the pressure those we serve deal with day in and day out. When businesses are unable to succeed, this means the people we serve may also struggle to help their families be successful.

While I lead a nonprofit organization, I certainly keep an eye on for-profit business topics and issues because naturally those can crossover and/or affect our organization in some capacity. As a contributing member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council, I lent my leadership thoughts on the best ways to approach strategic financial planning during uncertain times, and I know we can all agree this pandemic is one of the most uncertain times in our lifetime. Read more about my thoughts and those of other nonprofit leaders on how to plan for the future of nonprofits when we don't really know what that future will look like beyond COVID-19.

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