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Forbes Nonprofit Council: What should a leader consider when asked to serve on a nonprofit board?

Continuing to serve as the fifth CEO in Buckner International's 142-year history, I know how critical it is to have a diverse board who contributes a variety of skills, talents, and wisdom from experience in their respective fields. These individual contributors come together to present different perspectives that help steer the direction of the nonprofit organization into the future. They may help identify blind spots or provide a unique angle that wasn't previously considered. In addition to bringing a unique background, we also look for a leader who aligns with our mission and heart for the vulnerable children, families, and seniors we serve.

As a contributor to the Forbes Nonprofit Council, I collaborated recently with other nonprofit leaders to discuss how a leaders should evaluate the invitation to serve on a nonprofit board. Read great insight from my fellow Council members, and see what I had to say about conflicts of interest. Click here to read the full Forbes article.

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