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9 Ways Nonprofits Can Better Reach Prospective Sponsors

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The livelihood of a nonprofit organization relies on relationships with individuals, groups, and other organizations. Just like a for-profit business may have multiple revenue streams, it's critical for nonprofits to identify more than one way for donations to come in. Without money to operate, vulnerable populations benefiting from the nonprofit cannot be helped.

As a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council, I joined with several nonprofit leaders to co-author an article about how to attract new sponsors. Sponsors are individuals, businesses, churches, or other groups who believe in the work the nonprofit is doing and want to give back to the community to help further that work or cause. Buckner International is more than a place where sponsors can donate funds. Buckner is a place where others can collaborate with us to help underserved populations while also fulfilling corporate social responsibility obligations or just general social good. Read more about my comments in the recent Forbes article.

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